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About Rose

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Rosalidia (Rose) Dubon is a holistic therapist and mindset coach. Rose Wellness is the first of its kind in Silicon Valley, where they combine holistic therapies with cutting edge technology for wellness programs designed to help their clients achieve better mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

She believes that true healing can only happen when all aspects of a person are addressed, therefore her whole-listic approach has been very effective in managing, reducing, and in most cases, eliminating her clients' health concerns.

"I'm dedicated to helping my clients find balance and better health through a combination of therapy, coaching, and other holistic practices."

Rose believes every human deserves to live the best version of themselves and to extend her services and solutions to a broader community, she has added online workshops and coaching that include guided meditations and Neuroscience backed techniques which most high level athletes and professionals have been using for decades.

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